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Color Switch Unblocked

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colorswitchColor Switch is a game for Android and Apple users which became very popular as soon as the developer released it. Hundreds of people downloaded and installed this game to their devices and shared their thoughts about it. After such huge success, the creators of the game decided to make an online version of the game, so people can play it through browsers without installing an app.This is how the Color Switch game was born. Today, more than million players enjoy it online or play it on their devices. The game is popular all over the world, and now you have an opportunity to play it at our website. Continue reading this review to find out how to play the game and discover more facts about it.

How To Play Color Switch

Playing this game doesn’t require spacial skills or installing additional software. As soon as the game loads in your browser you should start Play button and begin your journey. The rules are simple enough – you will notice a small circle which you can move forward. You will also notice some moving color platforms and patterns. The key to success it to try to match the color of your circle and the moving parts. If you manage to match the color, you will move forward and change color after jumping over another color pattern. Now you will have to aim for another color and try to match them. At the beginning of the game you may feel that it is easy enough, but don’t be fool – the game would not have more than million downloads if it was easy. As you progress in the game, you notice more and more tricky moving platforms,you will need all your skills to pass them.

Interesting Facts About Color Switch

Even though that the game looks unique, idea of the game came after playing the legendary Flappy Bird. There you also have to click the mouse button (or screen) to keep the bird flying. Here you also have to click it to stop the ball go back. Don’t get nervous when you fail to complete a quest and pass the pattern – it is just a game, after having some practice you will manage to overcome all obstacles and complete the quest.

You can notice that our website offers other games. Try playing them too because we worked hard to collect the games which are very similar to each other. Enjoy the full versions of favorite games, share your thoughts through comment forms and just enjoy your pastime at ColorSwitchUnblocked.com